Jieyu Xiong


Crowded - Physical Installation

Apr 2013 - May 2014


Tools:  Maya / Photoshop / Illustrator / netfabb / Arduino / 3D Printing / Laser cut

Crowded provides a space, which looks empty, but is full of heavy emotions. There are 5 moveable characters hiding behind the walls. Looking through peepholes on the walls is the only way to reach them. Each character is the reflection of vulnerable people. They are terrifying, strange, wired and desperate so that they have to hide themselves. Crowded welcomes viewers to explore in the gallery space and connect themselves with characters in the show. It also implies that our world is far more complicated than what we see.

Concept Illustration - Character 1

Concept Illustration - Character 2

3D Modeling - Character 2

3D Modeling - Character 3

3D Modeling - Character 4

3D Printing & Surface Coating - Character 1

3D Printing & Surface Coating - Character2

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