Jieyu Xiong


Refinery29 | Rivet



Art Direction, UI/Motion Lead


Sep/05 - Sep/16 2016


Sketch / After Effects / Keynote



Project Overview:

Refinery29 | Rivet is a concept that I pitched and designed for Refinery29. Rivet is an always on, mobile TV channel for millennial women to discover meaningful video content, and connect with the world while there.

I collaborated with 3 UX designers on research and product vision. I also worked on brand identity, wireframes, visual and motion designs.



  • Refinery29 wanted to build a brand that's as iconic as MTV. However, they didn't have enough traffic directly to their front door. Their distributed ecosystem was too fragmented to build up a strong brand identity. 
  • Refinery29 also had eyes on opportunities in traditional media such as Television. But their short and digestible stereotypical pop cultural content is not meaningful enough to achieve that.


Rivet is an always-on live streaming app for R29 events, DIY tutorial, high quality celebrity/brand live video, etc. The goal of this App is to create a mini version of new generation television, where viewers could instantly ask questions, raise a discussion and directly interact with the video owner in real time. It creates an active and loyal R29 community which can evolve to be an iconic media brand.

Persona & User Journey:


App Structure:

High quality video content is divided into 5 channels to pre-educate users before diving into each channel.

  • Distract Me - Fun and engaging live streaming or VOD content;
  • Srsly - Serious documentary live and VOD videos;
  • Voice - Celebrity channel for users to directly interact with them;
  • How-tos - Tutorial channel;
  • R29 Series - A channel for Refinery29's shows.


Wireframe Design:


Interface/Motion Design:

Using Format