Jieyu Xiong





UI Designer, UX Designer


May/18 - May/30   2017


Sketch / Keynote



Project Overview:

Advances in technology have changed the landscape for Financial Services. Lazard is looking for innovative ways to expand their business to a tech-savvy generation. 

This Proof of Concept project is to demonstrate how artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning can bring more engagement and conversion to Lazard.com. I worked on research, infographic, wireframe and UI design for this project, and mainly looked at how AI can improve areas of Recruitment and Careers per client's requests.


  • Information is not optimized for the job seeker experience. There is no effective storytelling.
  • The visual hierarchy and classifications are not clear.
  • Key content is buried in the existing content architecture.


The solution is to automate content optimization with Artificial Intelligence to increase conversion of top talent job seekers to applicants.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence can nurture smarter content and an enhanced User Experience.

AI Algorithms for Lazard:

  • Unsupervised Learning

Lazard can track user browsing datas and divide them by different attributes and behaviors. Based on the groups, the system can suggest related content to a certain type of users.

  • Collaborative Filtering

Based on user segmentation data, dynamic content can be populated at the page level or component level. As the user interacts with the platform more sophisticated recommendations can be made.

  • Other Recommendations
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